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What is Roadrunner?

Undeniably, sky-rocketing demand for online communication has been observed. The newer advancement of technology has been tried and discovered to facilitate people’s need. Present-day scenario demands fn impeccable system that can cater to the usefulness for people. Communication is one such service that can facilitate humans globally. Having a proper email service is hence very crucial. On the web, one may come across pool email services. But, the globally acknowledged email facilities are of Roadrunner email support – one of the best leading ISP mail applications used by a plethora of people to fulfil their needs of interacting. It is highly effective mediums of chatting and using it for communications Roadrunner email service is popularised with its name coming from a famous character of cartoon and is owned by Time Warner. Roadrunner email can be treated as an effective pathway of communication to be made between the professionals as well as personal use. What’s essential about Roadrunner is the support it renders to users. It offers absolute security to users which is key in email services. 

Key Features/Main Features/Highlights about Roadrunner: 

Before you avail Roadrunner support, it is important to know what are the key features of Roadrunner email service, right? That is why we’ve collated the points right below.  So before you head on to register for the Roadrunner, get the insights from below:

  • Assured privacy and security for your account.
  • Very simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Fast email processing. 
  • Benefit from its unlimited storage capacity. 
  • Up to 30-megabyte attachment limit provided.
  • Active Roadrunner customer service, giving quick customer support.  

Did you know if you know? One of the key benefits of owning a Roadrunner email account is the fact that you can add in more and more usernames. One can enjoy the leverage of creating or adding users that are called the sub-users in the Roadrunner email. By accessing the Roadrunner account, there is a wide scope of opportunities to roadrunner account. Let’s say if one is entitled to a Master User, there is the flexibility of adding in other sub-users, make changes in their account or delete their passwords. Also, to familiarise with the leverages, you can certainly use the small section called “Help for the roadrunner” which is rightly located at the bottom of the main page of Roadrunner. You can also visit the “Subscriber  ” option for getting through with the concept. 

How to set up a Roadrunner Email account?

In order to experience how Roadrunner works down, we’ve jotted down its extensive guideline right below. It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro or a layman, you can easily avail the services of Roadrunner and understand how it works. Even if one faces any issue, they are very much free to contact to the roadrunner support team. As they have an active base of roadrunner customer support dedicated to fetching you from any problem. Just follow these simple steps to attain the email account. 

  1. Begin with loading your desired internet browser. Get to the main website and sign in right there. 
  2. If a new user proceeds to obtain the account using the “Sign up” option.
  3. Key-in the email address followed by the password over the given text field.
  4. In the following manner, give all your details like” mobile number”, “location” “age” and the area of county etc. 
  5. You need to provide an alternate email address followed by typing the captcha code mentioned in the given box. 
  6. Now, visit the “Create Account” section right after clicking on the account attachment option. 

Complete setup of Roadrunner on Windows 10 

In this section, we will cover up the entire details on how to set up the account for Roadrunner on your Windows 10. You’re requested to follow the instructions for the roadrunner email account.  We understand email setup is not an easy task, which is why we’ve ensured to break down into simple possible methods. Read them right below- 

1.       First and foremost, launch the Windows 10 and make select the “ADD ANOTHER ACCOUNT” option.

2.       In the manual configuration, click on the “SETUP” option.

3.       Now, go back to your roadrunner email account after surging out for the email account.

4.        Just, key in the mail address into the desired option.

5.       Visit the “mail-server” option to make a selection for the IMAP mail server.

6.       Thereafter, proceed to the “ADD” button after you’ve successfully entered your email address.

7.       Click on the “SMTP mail server” and then move to the next step after clicking on the “ADD” button.

8.       At, last you have to go to “SSL mail server” and enter the password into the option given.

By now the process of setting up the Roadrunner email account accomplishes. You need to ensure that you’ve performed the steps mentioned in the said order. There can be a chance that a user may find a problem in setting up the account. For that, one needn’t worry, as the Roadrunner email setup can save you from the blues of getting stuck in the account. You can contact Roadrunner customer service number or contact their expert’s team of support. 

How to set Roadrunner email account on MAC

Just as we’ve seen the Roadrunner email settings, now is the time to understand how to set the Roadrunner email account on your Mac. It is very easy as we did earlier with the Windows systems. But, slightly different. As both, the operating systems are completely different. To understand how to set up the Roadrunner email account on your MAC, just ensure to follow the following steps in the said order. 

1.       First of all launch the MAC mail and tap on the “preference” option as per the MAC mail menu.

2.       Next up, is to tap on” ACCOUNTS” from the mail preference window.

3.       After that, look out for the “+” icon so that you can add in a new email account accordingly.

4.       From the upcoming session, head on to opt for “POP” available at the drop down menu.

5.       Key in the name, user’s name, email address and the password accordingly.

6.       Now, ensure to add in the outgoing mail server information into the given option.

7.       Finally, hit the “OK” button to determine whether the procedure of the roadrunner email setup is finished off or yet not completed.

After obtaining the account successfully, the users can enjoy the services of Roadrunner. However, if there is uncertainty, glitches that put off the smoother functioning of the account, make use of the Roadrunner phone number or contact the team. 

Problems associated with Roadrunner Mail/Common Issues faced by using Roadrunner

Our fast-paced world knows no bounds. We might get stuck around somewhere. Due to any unexpected reason, the email services you are using might face a temporary issue. We’ve listed down some of the issues that are one may experience using roadrunner email. And if you happen to be a recipient of any such problem, it is the right to seek for roadrunner customer service immediately. 

  • Problems in sending and receiving mail. 
  • Finding difficulty in changing or resetting the email account password. 
  • Issues occuring in configuring email with clients or having roadrunner email problems. 
  • Recovering the mail deleted accidentally or otherwise.
  • Spam email issues. 
  • Not able to access Roadrunner inbox 
  • Network and Server problems
  • An unexpected issue arising from importing old contacts to a different email account. 

As we’ve seen some of the glitches that can hamper into the smoother functioning and interrupt the email settings. In such a scenario, seeking help from roadrunner customer support can prove to save you. Generally, people are not aware of how to avail the roadrunner support number, where to fetch the support phone number from. With, roadrunner email, all things can be set and assured of. 


Life is not easy. In each sphere, there is trouble lingering at the back of our back. So is the case with technological stuff. There are times when users encounter a great level of trouble with our email support helpline renders an absolute online Email Technical Support for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, Outlook and several other free. In case someone gets stuck in an issue, they can reap plenty of benefits from Roadrunner support. Whether one faces difficulty in attaching any file or face issues in the configurations, there is an easy way of contacting the Roadrunner customer service team. Also, if one has forgotten roadrunner password or is unable to get through the security question, you can easily seek help.  Their dedicated team of experts can assist one in fully resolving the issue and get you the best possible way for improving the Roadrunner email problems effectively. 

What is the Attachment limit of Sending and Receiving

Sometimes, the problem with the email server or email password can occur in anytime. For that, it is important for you to understand where the issue is occuring. The main issue can reside in Attachments too. Therefore, it is important for you to understand the attachments limits.

Receiving Attachment limits:-

  • You can receive an email of up to 30 MB, including attachments.
  • You can increase attachment limit in a paid subscription.
  • Unlimited storage space is available for receiving emails.

Sending Attachment limit:-

  • You can send an email of up to 30MB, including attachments.
  • Sending limit can be increased if the user opts for the paid subscription.
  • Subscribers are allowed to send emails to 1,000 recipients every 24 hours.
  • You can send a maximum of 5 MB per message.

If you encounter any problems with the attach file limit and any other configuration feature, you can call directly to our Roadrunner Email Support. Our Technical Executive Enclosure resolves the issue and suggests the best possible way through which you can improve the performance of Roadrunner email.

Here is how to delete the Roadrunner Email Address

While some people may encounter issues which the Roadrunner customer support to work. So, if you do not feel the need to have the Roadrunner email account, it is right time for you to delete the account. This can easily be achieved without having to contact to any roadrunner support phone number. We’ve given the detailed guide on how to delete the Roadrunner Email account. In case, you still feel any difficulty, you can still feel free to make fill benefit of the Roadrunner customer service effectively. 

  1. First of all, sign in to the Roadrunner email account.
  2. After that, just tap on the “Manager user” link placed right next to the roadrunner email account. This can be removed in the “user management” window.
  3.  Atlast, opt for the “DELETE” option followed by “UPDATE” button.

That’s how the process of deleting the roadrunner email service will be executed like that. Now, the users can be stress free and find no trouble at all. As, we’ve alreay stated if one finds difficulty in warding off the Roadrunner email acccount. He or she can still opt to seek for the professional help of the experts. If you’re wanting to have more inisights about Roadrunner support, you can freely contact thenm at their technical support phone number.

You can make contact to the toll free number of Roadrunner or drop them your query at: There is also a provision of you can even make use of the phone services at +1(866) 748- 5444


All in all, we’ve gotten through the nerve of what Roadrunner email service is. We’ve covered up its complete share of whereabouts, the benefits and problems associated with Roadrunner. How roadrunner customer support works down. What is the roadrunner support phone number and what to do when one forgot the roadrunner password. We hope by now all your queries are sorted. If you still wish to enquire about any concern. You are free to write us down in the comments section! We will get back to you as quickly as the rapid train!